Sexy time

by Emma

I was reading an article which got me pondering and made me want to dig deeper.

Men. Women. The big prudish taboo. SEX.

Historically women were considered an instrument of pleasure in the bedroom. Merely a physical piece of equipment to satisfy a male desire. In some ways has this changed?

Historical Sexy Time

A perplex question I think. When the wondrous banana (preference specific) shaped invention appeared, women regained their sexual control and the female wiles were born.

Women took over in the bedroom. Women found their mojo.

I wonder if this sexual change brought on the female intellect revolution. Frustration diminished, were the mornings greeted by the sweet satisfactory smile and sing song of celebration? Surely the hardships of yesteryear promoted ‘hysteria’, so the magical phenomenon of an ‘orgasm’ encouraged health and mental wellbeing.

The ever confusing question remains with the reasoning of the said physicians. Personally I prefer a prescription from my doctor.

On a positive note, these ‘inspired’ medics have a lot to be thanked for. Without their ‘selfless’ acts, women may still be laying, legs in the air, planning their daily shopping lists.

Ironic really.

With the introduction of Ann summers and more recently, fifty shades, men have now been given a new lease. Like it or not, the game has become more intense. Women have firm expectations and ‘wham bam thank you mam’ is no longer the horse in the running. This horse fell long ago.

Women have taken a stand in general life. Suited and booted both at work and in the bedroom. Exciting times.

So with the sexual revolution continuing, where is this heading?

The famous ‘orgasm’ is now an expected term in sexual relations. Multiples.

Personally I think this phenomenon should be eagerly embraced. We are, and have always been, primal beings. Now us ladies can finally ROAR and take our men back to the man caves. Sod gender roles. The sexual revolution is non gender specific and we can use our own ‘equipment’ for mutual pleasure.

Go girls.