Summer surreality

by Emma

Tuesday is shining. At least the sun is. As I sit in my office, enjoying the glow through the window, I cannot help craving summer.

Tuesday is my clinic day. It is the day I am less likely to venture out as my appointments are back to back. Yet I enjoy the cycle.

My office is located in a picturesque place, and my view is of nature. In my free sessions, I enjoy the clarity of the silence and vacancy.

Today though, I feel slightly jealous of the people enjoying the sun. Life is beginning to come alive again. As March begins to end, and April hops along, it seems that we are beginning to retreat out of hibernation. Summer is within sight.

Who doesn’t enjoy summer? The long days of warmth and enjoyment. The excitement of holidays, beach days and bbqs. Waking up to beautiful and surreal light through the curtains. We all become that little bit happier.

So I sit and watch the enjoyment through the thickened glass, and then I get back to work happily.

Summer is definitely on its way ♡

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