The philosophical pig

by Emma


We have made it halfway through the working week now, but still half way to go. Today is the day for mindful pampering and encouraging treats. Bacon.

Bacon butty’s have a certain place in encouraging brain power and motivation. The food of comfort and pampering alliance. At least that is my excuse.

I will never be a calorie counting type of woman, nor will I succumb to a rabbit diet of colourful leaves and garnish. I honestly do not have the willpower or self control. I highly commend people who are self disciplined.

My philosophy is not right, nor is it wrong. I simply believe in enjoyment and satisfaction. I work hard. I take things seriously. I have a good work/life ethic. However, I do not believe in making things harder than they need to be. If we can soothe ourselves with pleasures, surely this heightens our serotonin levels and makes us more level. If there is a reputable short cut, which removes stress and time, why not indulge in the saved moments.

Bacon is not just a tasty treat. It is also a philosophy for life.

I will be jumping on that band wagon.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…