Change is liberating

by Emma

Today I decided to change my bedroom around as my distance romance is finally coming to an end and my beau is moving in.

As any woman will understand, the bedroom is more than a room, it houses mass! My fetish with clothes, bags, shoes and ‘things’ (the other facets of the female role), has created an oblivion of chaos. I confess that today was an uphill struggle. I sorted, I threw, I moved, yet I was getting nowhere fast. Almost 4 years of living alone has accumulated a visual feminine environment. A mass of ‘stuff’. I could argue that it is all required, that it is needed, and that everything was valid. I would be lying.

As I waded through my categories of clothes and shoes, I realised that, I am not just changing my room around. I am changing my life. This mindset made it slightly easier. I viewed the garments hanging in my wardrobe and saw them as the ‘old’ me. Some I had not worn in years, yet I had previously found it difficult to get rid. Today I found the courage. My mindset encouraged me.

To walk on down the path of life, often we have to drop the heavy load. So I let them go. I left the woman of yesterday behind, ever ready to embrace the woman of tomorrow.

It’s exciting.

After a day of heaving, pushing, pulling, throwing, and moving, I finally see a change.

The change is ever continuing.

I am even ready to embrace the burden of ‘man’ stuff again. I am ready to walk the journey. Although I will hold onto my scatter cushions and frills still….

I also may now have to go clothes shopping again….  😉

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…