Deeper arousal (x-rated)

by Emma

The water feels good as it gently laps at my body, and follows it’s journey slowly, sensuously over my vulnerable flesh. The sweet scent of the lotions intoxicate my primal senses, as I lay, soaking in their exquisite warmth. Alone, I feel. I ponder. Alone, I touch. I become one with my own raw need.

The bubbles delight me. Their tiny rays of light popping tenderly against my creamy thigh. My feline reflection encouraging their descent. I cannot help the desire. Undiluted, against the water flow.

I let my hands lazily travel. I let them remain aimless, yet the primal knowledge remains in control. The steam of the water. The heat of my breath. The quickening of my heart beat. I drown in sweet oblivion.

Every bubble offers a sweetness of flavour. A small yet meaningful nudge. Senses become alive in true mindfulness. Nothing else matters but the moment. The sexual energy of ones own making.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…