Beautiful and brutal love

by Emma


It is amazing. It is magical. It is a pure inspiration and the booty which everyone craves. Yet it is brutal. It takes no prisoners, nor does it show mercy. It drowns you. Devours you. It builds you up and then slams you to the ground. The sweetest moments can become poisoned with the darkest actions. Polluted by fear, and sabotaged by betrayals. Yet we welcome it with open arms.

We become blinded by our dreams and cravings. When love comes knocking, we open the door. Yet we stay close to the exit, just in case. We trust in our inner clarity, we remain careful. Is it not bizarre that a single kiss, a gentle touch, a surreal moment, and we forget our trepidation. We do not fall. We jump. We throw caution to the wind, and we dive right in. Carelessness becomes our companion. We become purely guided by emotion.

That wo (man) becomes our breath. Our warmth. Our nourishment. Nothing else matters. We succumb.

Then we fall. We break. Every teardrop burns our skin. Every heart beat feels like our last. We cannot sleep so we become a ghost. We cannot eat so we starve. We cannot speak as our words do not make sense. We become lost. Conquered. We hurt, and my god, the pain is like nothing we have felt before. It eats at us like a wild feral animal. Tortured.

We are done.

Until the cycle begins again…. crazy.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…