Pretend play and venomous cretins

by Emma

Love is a complex conundrum. It is a paradox of tranquillity and also hazards. It is amazing. It is hellish.

It is also special. It is meaningful, and it is between two people. A big slushy mash of red hot softness, quilted in red bows and freshness. So what about when someone else pushes into the mix? Aims to tarnish the heaven and solitude which we create.

I can see the nods. The gritted teeth. The exasperated sighs. Unsurprisingly, we are not astounded by this. It becomes normalised. There is always a poison or a viper within the midst.

Usually encouraged by the realm of social media, and the shadows of the Internet.

We have all experienced this. I know I have. That person who makes us want to revert to that sulky child and tantrum with pure frustration. The one who confirms our sadistic side, and torturous thoughts. We have to fight to keep our lady persona. Are you feeling me?

It is crazy how we question ourselves. How we notice our personality weaknesses and fight those angry jealous demons, yet in reality, we are simply protecting our truth. Our created world. The problem is not us. It is the world. When did it become ok to be sly? To be devious. To lie and to cheat? To intentionally aim to break…crush…crack..and ruin.

What has happened to our values? Our morals? Even our self respect and ongoing dignity?

The ones of us which are left holding ours are also left with the bad and sour taste in our mouths.  However why should we spit venom? Ruin our rose tinted perception. Instead we should consider the reality of the situation and smirk at the pathetic attempts to sting us.

Social media is not real. It is pretend play. Real for some but for others it is simply an attempt to recreate a life that is not flavoursome and full.

Unfortunately this breeds a new spawn. People who are so full of envy, need and moulded self assurance, that they become narcissistic and simply sad.

We know the type. Long statuses about the turmoil of life, airing highly personal innuendos across a news feed, and those highly amusing sexualised selfies! Enough said.

These are the same people who we dread becoming involved in our relationships. We almost breathe a sigh of relief when we see it happening to someone else (yes self awareness there!) and then a photo appears….A comment…an innuendo….and the snake bites.

The best way to deal with a snake? Cut out its tongue. Remove its poison sac.

We can only be poisoned if we let ourselves be stung. If we sit in the target area.

Instead let’s sit on the side lines and piss ourselves laughing, then get back to living our reality and leave behind the fabrications of online existence 😉

We win.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…