Everything and nothing. 

by Emma

This overwhelms me.
We all need something. We all want something. We all crave something.

We need love. Hope. Motivation.
We want power. Devotion. Pride.
We crave worthiness. Identity. Inclusion.

We are all so different, yet also so similar. Ironic.

written by hands

I want to be overwhelmed.Taken over, engaged, engrossed, motivated, compelled, and completely blinded.

I want to share.
Memories, thoughts, opinions, passions, sorrows, goals, and everything in between.

I want to teach.
Visual projects, questions, lectures, examples, hard work, and a guiding hand.

I want to be true.
Whole, a keeper of covenants, progressing, loving, and always following my Savior.

I want too many things.
Selfish pride, lack of humility, everyday sins are common, but I know that what I want isn’t always what’s best for me.

I need someone.
A best friend, confidant, comforter, counselor, and one for all at once and often just a figure.

I need to learn.
To be selfless, to be a teacher, to exercise faith, and the person I’m becoming.

It is not about me, my wants or needs.
Life is about each of us, but as a whole.
We’re all in, together.
I want…

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