Geocaching – an adult’s definition of play

by Emma


My weekends are mostly spent indulging in this fantastic hobby with my significant other . My arms and legs are currently scarred with thistle intent, remnants of a nettle invasion, and random scratches which I cannot identify. The reason? Climbing into bushes, through thick terrain, and through forests of stingers! Why you ask? To retrieve a package of course.

Geocaching is becoming bigger and more popular as it spreads physically and dramatically across the map. Everywhere has a trail. Everywhere offers a sense of advent. It is no wonder it has been picked up by millions as an enjoyable activity. The excuse to follow a map and embrace childhood again? Hell yes.

I admit that the competitive focus is also stimulating. The difficulty levels push your own endurance and offer that smug moment when your name is written firmly in the log.

What better way to enjoy a date day which offers excitement, challenge, stimulation, teamwork and pure adrenaline. Plus the opportunity to venture into the wild alfresco style ๐Ÿ˜‰

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