Looking back and walking forward… The real meaning of forever and unbroken promises

by Emma

I remember far back to childish years, my chosen friends, and our promises of forever friendships. I wonder how many of us kept these sweet declarations of sincerity.

I remember childish friends fondly. The long summer evenings of mindless play and fabricated adventure. The secrets shared and magic believed. The transition of growth shared and worries eased.

As my mind wanders and forwards the years, I relive those times layed on the bed talking long into the night. Boys. Dreams. Life.

Those friends became part of us. We trusted them. We breathed them. They were a big part of who we were.

They were.

I look back and cherish those memories, as I vacantly see their lives on my Facebook newsfeed, as I guess they see mine also. Time continues moving, we grow, things constantly change. An awkward greeting in the street. A random text or call. Duty.

Some friends stay. Some friends go. Memories fade, and promises become empty.

Those 500 plus friends on Facebook become meaningless. No substance, simply numbers.

Then I look by my side and I feel full. I feel complete. There stands my life. The true meaning of forever. The ones you know will never leave. The ones you couldn’t be without ♡

Realisation and clarity are superb.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…