Sexual heist

by Emma

The cool breeze whipped gently against her exposed shoulders as they walked side by side, barely touching, yet the electricity evident in their awakened bodies. The chemistry apparent as it heated like molten fire between them.

She looked at him through her long eye lashes and lowered her gaze, drinking him in, enjoying the magnetic force compelling her to stare. To fantasise. She caught him looking. Checking her out. His eyes, dark and brooding, pooling with his own desire, unapologetic. So very unapologetic. She looked around and felt the excited pull as she realised they were alone. Now she waited for him.

She had fantasised about him taking her. She yearned the primal force. She wanted to feel the rawness and urgency, she wanted to feel his need. His desire hard against her.

She felt her own breath quicken as his eyes carassed her, moving up and down. So meaningful and oh so erotic. She could read his thoughts, those damn dirty thoughts, as he let his tongue purposefully, seductively, slide over his bottom lip. She looked down momentary, the heat creeping up her neck, her body, her thighs. It felt exquisite.

Like a wild animal, he prowled. She could see him getting closer, feel his warmth through her blouse. Her clothes felt damp on her skin, she could feel them clinging to her insecure areas and suddenly she felt vulnerable. She knew her nipples were erect and she knew he could see them pushing through her top. She watched him watching her.

As he made his move, she felt her defences crumble as his hands touched her sweetest places, his breath sending shivers of undiluted pleasure down her neck and chest. She didn’t have time to breathe before realising that her insecurities about her nipples were nonchalant,  as she now felt his soft tongue teasing them, and pulling her further into oblivion.

She felt the grass beneath her as he moved his hands slowly, purposefully, into her knickers. His fingers expertly finding her sweet spot as he gently rubbed in circular strokes, building her. She felt herself automatically push against his fingers as she craved the sensation, craves his touch and his strength. She closed her eyes on his command and felt him biting her neck, the intensity of the pleasure and pain devouring her resistance. She let herself float, her hands in his hair, directing, pushing. Her body responding to every sweet alert, every nerve ending alive, waiting, wanting. She felt herself moan in urgency and sensual delight as his tongue rolled over her clit and applied pressure ever so gently making her groan in submission. She could feel his lips teasing her ever so gently before his tongue dived in, encouraging the liquid pleasure to pool between her legs. The smell of nature and summer in the air exhilarated her, she felt hypersensitised and the cool breeze simply amplified her desire. She carassed his swollen manhood as he moved it sensuously down her body, purposely teasing her as he rested it hard against her buttocks and then towards her pussy. She wanted to feel him everywhere yet she had no patience to wait. She pulled him towards her as he lifted her legs up and yanked them apart forcibly. She pushed towards him as he entered her deep. Her body tightened around him and her dampness excited him as he pushed deeper into her. She dug into his back as she attempted to pull him closer and she heard his excited groan as he quickened his pace. His mouth on hers felt
hot and demanding as he rode her into pleasurable oblivion. She felt his cock harden with urgency as their bodies became a united force, the rythm alive with their liquid desire and animal sounds. She felt her pleasure building, uncontrollable and exquisite as he rocked her higher towards her sweetest goal. Her groaning turned him on and she felt him quicken in his own anticipation. As she felt him about to let go, she exploded around him, his cock pushing her and warming her in places she didn’t recognise, but which felt incredible. She let go as the sun shone down and as the wind carassed their naked bodies, she felt alive and primal.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…