Facebook fame!

by Emma


Nothing more than a social networking site. There are no privacy or secret sects online.

Every day I awake to status’s about facebook costing scams and ways to protect our postings.

The way to protect this is to not air dirty laundry and share our inner struggles. To not encourage personal opinion or debate… unless of course, you can deal with the perceptive response.


To post about our deepest fears or things we state we want to be kept ‘private’ is ridiculous on an international social networking site. It seems pretty obvious that these status’s are begging for attention.

As a human race, we are not all objective and we do not all agree on the same view. We are diverse. Everybody has an agenda. Life is not full of sweet smelling roses.

There are things that Facebook does not need to know. Some things are meant for ourselves, our close ones and our families.

From a newsfeed perspective, it definitely makes fun reading, however, I fear that the writer does not always realise that laughter is not always with them but unfortunately, against them.

I find it sad that we all find amusement with these unaware posters. Instead we need to point out the distasteful angle. I hate seeing posts and biting my lip in concern.

I love Facebook personally. I love sharing news and photos with friends and family.

Facebook can be amazing. We simply need to stay in control.

Just saying 😆:);)

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…