by Emma

This morning I have been kicking back and chilling with a mug of sweet tea and the tv. ‘Catfish’ was playing and it got me thinking and reflecting on my own experiences of this. I still shudder at the naivety and shock.

I fell in the catfish trap.

The Internet is a crazy place. It is a maze of opportunities, a place of bewilderment and excitement. It is a place of conspiracy and fabrication. It allows us to live within our own internal world. A virtual reality conundrum.

Yes it is amazing. Information at our fingertips, and a worldwide journey with the click of a button.

We cannot help but become engrossed. We believe in the magic and follow the pied piper… forever enchanted by his sweet playing melody.

Then we lose our footing and fall.

Heart over head. We realise too late that we have taken the wrong path…been led astray. It is a bumpy ride back.

For most people it is a lesson learnt. Investing into a fabricated website. Believing the glossy pictures of a product, only to receive something disappointly  substandard. Putting our trust into somebody to realise they never existed.

The Internet can be painful and extremely hard hitting. The pied piper becomes the laughing narcissistic clown.

We are left disappointed.

Once I realised that people did create false identities, I began to notice this happening more often. It isn’t simply a tv show, it is our reality.

The Internet remains a place of wonder, of opportunities and delights. However, it is not always as it seems. We need to keep our eyes wide open through the murky water…better still, invest in a decent pair of goggles.

I met my significant other on the internet. Luckily he didn’t end up a catfish, happily he ended up as my merman ;). However, I certainly had to swim through a torrent of stinky tuna to find my treasure….

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…