Christmas Delights (x-rated)

by Emma

It was bitterly cold as she swept in and closed the door swiftly behind her, the wind caught in ots tracks. The snowflakes glistened on her face snd hair then quickly melted in the heat of the house, leaving droplets of moisture clinging to her warm skin. She pulled off her boots and unfastened her jacket, revealing a red velvet dress and furry trim.  From across the room she heard a low whistle of appreciation.

A smile playing on her mouth, she walked slowly, purposefully across the room, letting her bells jingle with each step.

‘Mama Christmas ‘ he growled as he reached to finger the soft white edging of her dress, her  flesh glistening in the dimming lights. He let his hands explore her thighs before cupping her are and pulling her towards him.

She needed no encouragement and swiftly lifted her leg and straddled him, her breasts pushing against his naked chest, her nipples already hard at the prospect of what was to come. She had disposed of her panties earlier and felt herself getting aroused at the feel of him against her bare pussy. He felt it too. He held her legs a little tighter as he pulled her harder into him, the sudden movement causing her to moan ever so slightly.

She could feel his hot breath on her chest as he nibbled and kissed a trail down to her breasts. Her nipples now alert and begging for attention. She let her head fall back in surrender as his lips found their sweetened end, and, using his tongue, he suckled and carassed their firmness. The tingles pulsating throughout her body and pooling between her thighs. She moaned in appreciation and felt herself open up to him, her body pressing deeper against his.

His fingers trailed lazily down her stomach and his thumb drew slow circles below her belly button and onto her thighs. She almost lost her breath with the sensations which were cursing through her. He knew this and as his fingers found her sweet spot, she felt herself melt with her own undiluted desire. She pushed herself against his fingers, wanting him to fill her and satisfy the longing, release her orgasm. She felt him stroke her purposefully, his fingers resting and pushing on her spot. She knew she was wet now. She could feel herself drowning with desire. His lips continued to tease her, gently nibbling on each nipple and bringing her closer to her own delightful oblivion.

She could see he was hard. My god, she could feel it against her. Her thoughts ran wild as she envisioned him pushing deep into her. His cock touching her deepest corners and filling her with his own desire.

She pulled away and positioned herself in front of him, her fingers quick to release him and pull him towards her. She moaned as she tasted him, the feel of his cock, hot and solid, on her lips. She teased him with little kisses and let her tongue caress the length in the way she knew he loved. She brought the tip of his member into her mouth and gently teased and sucked. His low moans making her hotter. She could feel him getting more excites as he pushed himself towards her, his cock growing and hardening with every touch. She let her fingers wander and found her own sweet spot, the warmth and wetness creating a pleasing sensation with her cool fingers. As she let her mouth devour his cock, she played with herself, enjoying the thrill of both his own pleasure and her own.

She could see him watching her and enjoyed the desire building in his face as she stroked herself and surrendered to the moment. He licked his lips in appreciation and pushed her onto her back. He wasn’t slow this time as he pulled her legs apart and let his tongue dip into her pussy. He held her open as he licked her up and down, her whimpers getting stronger with every touch. His tongue found her sweet spot and he drew circles, teasing her, before gently sucking and carassessing her to orgasm. As she came, she cried out. Her body felt alive with sensations as the heat spread through her and she grated herself deeper onto his face with the increasing pleasure. Her orgasm was fervent and she begged him to fill her and he obliged. He entered her hard and pushed deep as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her hands gripping tight and pulling him harder against her. He rode her urgently and she screamed in elation, his own moans matching hers as they both hit their release.

As they came together, her bells punctured the moment with their festive melody.

It was most definitely Christmas.

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