Pregnancy, freaky toes and cunning croup!

by Emma

So I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and beginning to resemble a whale. Last night I broke my toe trying to drag my swollen body past a vindictive sofa. My poor toe responded by bending outwards at a crooked and abnormal angle. My pregnancy brain responded with high emotional impact and lots of freaked out tears!

Consequently,  I am now hobbling around like a very fat and crooked old lady to relieve any pressure off my damaged foot. Not a good sight with a pregnant belly flapping in front!

Last night my 8 year old developed croup – the dreaded bane of my life, which subsequently only arises during sleeping hours! I hobbled around in the dark playing nurse/mummy and hero… fighting the swollen larynx like a pro!

They say it comes in threes, so I am now awaiting something like a gentle push or a further instability to my balance… I can already visualise my metamorphosis into a bowling ball. Full strike here I come!

On a positive note, I will be spending the week relaxing on the dreaded said sofa, feet up and toes strapped. I predict a pampering few days of films, food and a few finger clicks at my significant other. …sorry baby! 😆;)

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