when does feminism become a trend and go too far???

by Emma

As women we are protective and possessive of our own percieved strength and endurance. We roar at the challenge that we are the weaker gender and that we need any type of psychological crutch to determine our life choices. We hiss at the assumption that we are emotionally controlled and headed by our rational female wiles.

Feminism is the new trend setter.  A sample of our own intelligence and perserverance as women. We cherish our individuality and fight hard to preserve it. The ‘ism’ becomes the lead.

The question is, who are we fighting? Are they even aware?

Chauvinism does exist. It is centuries old, however, it is also only reserved for a small minority. So do we really need an army of thousands against a small ant hill? Are we actually protecting and defending or are we the ones who are attacking?

As a woman, I rarely feel discriminated against – in the bigger picture. I feel listened to. I feel appreciated. I value both my strengths and gender weaknesses.

Yes, weaknesses. I do not choose to challenge a man physically. I enjoy the feeling of being protected and looked after by a masculine force. I also enjoy looking after a man. Yet, I remain opinionated and my ideas remain my own. I am a professional and I am independent. I am also part of a society which values companionship, social roles, gender dynamics, and norms. I do not feel the need to fight for my role everyday. I simply live it.

I do not separate gender in ability. I separate it in differences. We are different. We were made different. Primaly, we were assumed. Evolution made us interchangeable. Yet we remain as woman and man.

As women should be respected, so should men. Testosterone is greater for a reason. As is our own dose of oestrogen. A man has their own amazing qualities and abilities. As a woman, I feel proud of my own child bearing body.

I embrace the difference. I love being a woman. I love a man and their vast differences.

I will endeavour to teach my sons to respect and cherish their ladies. I will instill an element of awareness and universal fairness.

If i have a daughter, I will also teach them to respect and care
for their man. To respect him in his role and to embrace the masculine difference. I will encourage her to remain true to herself and allow a man to do the same.

Without attack. Without prejudice. With an open mind. Minus the ‘ism’….

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…