Baby brain, and life as we know it – or thought we did!

by Emma

Art accredited to Louis Honca Art.

Three months and 3 glorious days of baby snuggles, that new born contagious smell, that strong and fierce lioness possessiveness, and the balanced sense of pride vs irrational anxiety – and you still aren’t even close! Add a sprinkle of hormones, a dash of irritability, a slurp of fear and a gallon of insomnia and then place these fine ingredients into the body of a corpse mummy and then we are walking the same path.

Motherhood! Babies! 

An explosive bottom which does not conform to waking hours, or before and after meal times. Tiny limbs encasing an ever vibrant and loud alarm clock, which does not offer a snooze option – add this to the already busy and multifaceted existence and things get interesting! 

Washing, cleaning, feeding, sleeping, walking, sitting, laying, needing, wanting, bathing, toileting, shopping, working, watching, seeing, feeling…and being. A juggling conundrum of OMG!

The 3am tribulations, and then the sense of achievement of settling the mini one, to then realise that sleep has long gone and the irrational fear of watching a sleeping baby is preferable. That dreaded anxiety and need to check, check – and check again! 

Shopping is no longer about Radley, Kipling, or  any other words or letters incorporating a golden price tag, it is now about the oohs and awwww’s of those tiny dungarees or that new parenting invention that EVERY magazine raves about… and a must have to qualify as a loving and ‘successful’ parent!

To dress up and make the effort now includes tucking in the baby bulge and holding the evident belly in for timely camera poses, and luck is in if the attire is not inclusive of the latest baby fashion – shoulder drool and milky sick! 

Life certainly looks and feels a lot different to 3 months and 3 days previously. Yet that warm bundle of hard work and life change that I am holding in my arms, gives me more pleasure and more worth than my previous  structured existence. The journey is indeed a crazy roller coaster of unknown entities and direction, yet I’m riding with excitement, stimulation and a huge ‘hell yeah’!