Givers and Takers and the continous cogs…

by Emma

I honestly believed that there are different breeds of people in the world. Some motivated by love, honour, respect. Others stimulated by admiration, popularity, success and gratification. Then there are simply those who remain aloof to the processes, and remain absent from the psychological demeanor which presents itself at every corner.

As I watch the world slowly moving around, I become further intrigued by the cogs which move within it….


We are complicated and diverse. We remain stubborn and fixated. We are hard to move, even harder to turn.

Yet we can turn very easily, and we will move…if it suits us.

Are we simply out for ourselves? Is it possible for individuals to be selfless and not consider a gain with each personal action?

Do we appreciate the gestures of others, or do we expect them? Is this a personality flaw or simply a trait which we deny.

It is a complex paradox. How can we differentiate between people who give freely and those who clutch their worth tighter to their chests? Is this the comparable ‘givers’ and ‘takers’? Or is this in fact reality stripped bare.

I value myself as honest, hardworking and compassionate. As do we all. However, if I feel like I’m always giving and not receiving equally, then why does this infuriate me? Why does it infuriate you? Because we EXPECT a return on our time and effort.

The truth is, we do not give it freely and often we come to a ‘check mate’.

Expectation breeds expectation. Those who give begin to want to take. The little voice whispers ‘but it is only fair’…

Yes. A mutual investment is the answer, but the interest rate forever remains variable.

The cycle keeps going on.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…