Hell hath no fury…or any tonsils

by Emma

I am ill. Poorly ill, not ill in the head, or insane. I have tonsilitis but have no tonsils, so have ‘itis’of something. Regardless of this, I feel rough and have remained in my night wear all day. I am officialy on a self woe day, and have spent the day in mindful thought and over analysis.

So as I have sat here, tonsil -less may i add, I have been thinking of the crazy thing we call Life. I am fairly ambitious and have always strived for the next step in my planned quest, whatever this may be. I set myself small goals, take tiny bites out of the cookie, keep nibbling, until I have destroyed that entire sweetened quest. Then I simply take out another, and start all over again. A psychologist would have loads of fun analysing my personality and cognitions in comparison to food, especially the sweet and naughty kind 😀

So back to the cookie, I find the psychological idea of small chunks enables a thorough fool-proof plan in reaching the end goal. I am impulsive, and often attempt to take larger bites, but have learnt that often this leads to disappointment or a crucial step may have been missed. Overall my process works, and I have this to thank for my own career and life achievements.

Well now we come to the ingredient part. What do we do if, after a bite, you realise theres a huge raisin poisoning that sweet taste?! Yes this happens. We make a plan and continue on our merry way and then somebody comes along and leaves someting in the way for you to trip on and fall flat on your face. See the metaphor? Raisin? Annoying person or barrier?! How do we deal with this you may ask.

Unfortunately this ruins the whole experience. We have a firm choice to make, we can decide to throw the whole cookie away and sacrifice the whole biscuit, or we can nibble around it and make a new path. The latter also allows us to continue to enjoy our treat but also still reach the goal….win win.

In reality this is hard. Of course, the cookie is simply a plan, and the raisin can be many things. A person, a restraint, a problem, a distraction. It is not always as easy as working around something, confronting, changing, especially if that something is determined to ruin your plan. Sometimes the solution is like a smack in the face, or in my current case, a pain in the throat! It may hurt, it may be uncomfortable, but surely its worth it for further clarity and success.

In my own experience, I find that the poisonous raisin can inbed itself anywhere and the bitter taste certainly does have its own unique flavour, one we remember well. I have faced changes, unexpected and unfortunately these have affected my own plans. I have experienced hostile colleagues, jealousy, competitive, challenging. I am sure we all have. It is a difficult situation. Confrontation is not desirable but neither is sacrifice. Sometimes careful diplomacy is required. Our own subject matter becomes paramount in our next steps. We crave the sweet chocolate chip but instead sink our teeth into that shrivelled dried rubbery texture. We cant change it. We can only change how we see it.

Instead of viewing it as a barrier, we need to view it as a curve ball. Our change in perception enables us to create new routes and make bigger progress. The raisin becomes simply a mini trampoline, helping us bounce onto the next venture by giving us a forward push – a rush of determination. That jealous colleague, that change, that growing challenge? Use it to your advantage. Turn it around. Nobody expects that and negativity really turns into positivity.

After all hell have no fury like an ambitious and determined lady…..