What we are and how we own it

by Emma

Sometimes we simply have to appreciate the little and significant things in life. We need to turn towards our inner muse to discover what keeps us motivated, and what keeps the happiness spark lit.


We each hold the key to our inner happiness, in our hands. We are in control of how we use this, and how we perceive it’s value. I honestly stand by the notion that happiness is individual. A slice of contentment and a sliver of peace may warm one persons heart, where as another may still feel cold.


It is the smaller things in life which delight the heart. The things we often take for granted, and forget to appreciate. It is the moments of clarity. The moments of enjoyment. The moments which create a forever memory etched into your heart.

The random laughing and the secret jokes. The mutual understanding we have, when words are not needed. It is the touch of a hand, a delicious taste, a beautiful aroma. It is the creation of an experience which we can reflect upon again, and again.

It is being free to be yourself totally. No masks. No airs or graces. It is self belief and gratitude.

It is simply the realisation of a blessing.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…