When pregnancy is not picture perfect….cushion it in love

by Emma

What do you do when you receive the news that your baby may have something wrong with their development?

That they have broken, or that they are measuring too small? There are serious problems and the experts carry trepidation on their words.

How do you cope with that?

Can you even comprehend this scenario?

Your life changes in front of your eyes, the fear…the anxiety….the unknown…

That woman you once knew has already changed even before she left the room. The father feels pressure like he never has before. They look towards one another and they both ‘get’ it but they cannot talk about it yet. It is too soon.

It is easier to pretend everything is fine.

Can you picture this? Do you see the micro expressions? The unspoken words behind the clouded eyes?

They have changed in response to this, yet the change was also needed. To become a chameleon, you need to be fluid and allow yourself to become part of your environment. To be as one with it, is to become more flexible and powerful. To own your own perspective and wear it like a shield.

So these parents stand taller than they ever have before. They see their baby reflected inside each other and they know that they are ready to fight.

Armed with dedication, knowledge, and motivation, they hold each others hands and step forward, ready to take on the world, and ever ready to cushion their baby with all the love in the world.