Blurry eyes, copious yawns and eureka revelations!

by Emma

There are many facets to being a nursing mother. The extra snuggles and devotion are indeed fruitful and continue to promote the emotional positives. Research continues to tap you firmly on the shoulder, and mummy pride aids in the darkest moments. However, scrap all of that for a moment, as I truly believe that another angle to consider lies between the times of 3am and 5am. This is what I refer to as the ‘lost hours’, the ones which disappear in the midst of nipple soreness, baby balancing, and the multitasking form of controlling a vicious and rampant milk letdown. All this whilst the hubby remains sleeping also! I often ponder how he would react if I aimed my dairy firearm in his direction! Anyhow, back to the night time juggling, and the sense of satisfaction you feel with a successful latch and a settled baby. It is at this point when the lost hours become something else. These hours provide the base for reflection and deep thought. I could stare dismally at the wall and become majorly irritated by the odd flake of paint hanging off, but instead I use my time wisely. I plan, I seek, I analyse, and I ponder deeply. In those lost hours, I find solace. I find meaningful thought content. I then fall asleep satisfied, as does baby.

I awake in the morning and usually  can not remember much of those eureka moments, yet I continue to bathe in the knowledge and wishful thinking that 3am serves me fairly. One day I am sure my ideas will flourish me.

We all need a silver lining … Especially in the night!