This is all about me…
I am 33 years young and spend a large proportion of my time working in psychiatry. My passion for my job is continous and consistent. I believe in positivity and find philosophy and psychology underpin my individual perspectives on life and living.
I offer a spiritual element and ‘high five’ all my fellow emotional beings. I will never be robotic or diluted in my views. I am simply me and I will remain reflective and directive, slightly strong minded but always honest.

Yes my picture is upside down, it was meant to be. Perception is individual and to be individual, first we must stand strong and be ok with being different.

We are all a little bit crazy…. it makes this journey alot more fun!

My blog encompasses my thoughts, my subjectivity, my poems, and my stories. I do not write to a genre. I enjoy writing therapy books, children’s stories and adult literature. I thrive on diversity.

I publish more of my erotica on this amazingly sexy site frolicme
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