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Creativity or Clarity?

Sometimes we need to think out the box. Like Percival does.

The art of perception is purely based on ones own experience and expectations, however, what if we pushed our boundaries and considered that any impossibility could become a real and clear possibility?

We would then have to challenge the conundrum of mounds and mounds of self righteous learnt behaviours and beliefs. Challenge the should’s and the must’s and change these little buggers to can’s and will’s.

After all isn’t anything possible?

Creativity comes from belief and from belief, new life is born. The world should not remain predictable and mundane, nor should our ideas and individual prospects.

Take an object and see it in lights, study it’s texture, it’s angle, it’s purpose. See it’s possibility. Make it an opportunity.

If we continue to see only what is placed for us to see, how can we visualise and challenge?

Take creativity by its balls and make it your own. Definition is mastered through seeking the light. Stop hiding within the shade.


Illustration – sharing the love ❤️

So I am sharing some of the recent work of as I personally think his work is phenomenal! Art is simply a shadow of our soul, and it gives us the freedom to express our true selves. The appreciation provides the echo which can ensure it continues to love and be loved.

Let us all dance with our own shadows and become the echo for each other 😊

Find the Comfort in the Chaos

How often do we look at our life and judge our success on the the here and now? How often do we judge others, make assumptions based on our own perceptions of their narratives. Do we truly believe that happiness is dependant on order and neatness? Is that even a realistic concept??!

Do we notice the chipped paint and tarnished surfaces of today, or do we allow ourselves to enjoy the moments, the sweet memories, and the ghosts of yesteryear.

Often we sit and ponder on life and the journey we have chosen to take, or the paths which we have detoured from. Every broken plate has a story, every picture frame holds an abundance of emotions, and a personal canvas.

Can a tidy life really show a truly loved life? Don’t get me wrong, we all require a degree of order to ensure stability and security, but do we lose stimulation, impulsivity, FUN?!

Time is priceless, we cannot trade it, return it, nor can we ask for a refund. Once spent, it is gone, never to be seen again, and with it, a small part of ourselves disappears.


As we age, our personas continue to change, the roles within our lives constantly changing and evolving, until we don’t recognise ourselves anymore. Then one day we are sat in a cluttered room thinking ‘where did it all go?’

To others we are cluttered by mess, but to us, that mess encompasses every memory we have made and shows that instead of simply keeping our lives tidy, we rejoiced in the chaos and lived it for all it was worth.

Then we grab the dustpan and brush, clear up the mess and carry the hell on….

Illustration by (Instagram): Honcaillustration

Fairies, imagination and tending to your own lawn!

Often we live within our minds, we follow our dreams, beliefs, wishes, and fail to realise the reality which we dwell.

The promise of magic, fairy dust, talking animals, and enchanted forests, stimulate our childlike senses, and offer us escapism from the mundane tasks of the day. Dreams are indeed essential for personal motivation and to instil a sense of worth around us. However, sometimes the dreams take us away from the importance of reality. We fail to see the real as we are looking only for the perceived magic.A fairy can inspire a grown person to reattach to their inner child, as an imagination can envision and develop ones personal scope. The real deal is the realisation that the magic we seek actually stands In front of us in the form of our loved ones. We do not need to dig into our imagination to find this. There really is no greener grass than the grass you are tending. 
Only with this realisation do the fairies and mystical beings actually come alive inspired by love, not by wishful thinking ❤️

Inspired by Louis Honca Art

Baby brain, and life as we know it – or thought we did!

Art accredited to Louis Honca Art.

Three months and 3 glorious days of baby snuggles, that new born contagious smell, that strong and fierce lioness possessiveness, and the balanced sense of pride vs irrational anxiety – and you still aren’t even close! Add a sprinkle of hormones, a dash of irritability, a slurp of fear and a gallon of insomnia and then place these fine ingredients into the body of a corpse mummy and then we are walking the same path.

Motherhood! Babies! 

An explosive bottom which does not conform to waking hours, or before and after meal times. Tiny limbs encasing an ever vibrant and loud alarm clock, which does not offer a snooze option – add this to the already busy and multifaceted existence and things get interesting! 

Washing, cleaning, feeding, sleeping, walking, sitting, laying, needing, wanting, bathing, toileting, shopping, working, watching, seeing, feeling…and being. A juggling conundrum of OMG!

The 3am tribulations, and then the sense of achievement of settling the mini one, to then realise that sleep has long gone and the irrational fear of watching a sleeping baby is preferable. That dreaded anxiety and need to check, check – and check again! 

Shopping is no longer about Radley, Kipling, or  any other words or letters incorporating a golden price tag, it is now about the oohs and awwww’s of those tiny dungarees or that new parenting invention that EVERY magazine raves about… and a must have to qualify as a loving and ‘successful’ parent!

To dress up and make the effort now includes tucking in the baby bulge and holding the evident belly in for timely camera poses, and luck is in if the attire is not inclusive of the latest baby fashion – shoulder drool and milky sick! 

Life certainly looks and feels a lot different to 3 months and 3 days previously. Yet that warm bundle of hard work and life change that I am holding in my arms, gives me more pleasure and more worth than my previous  structured existence. The journey is indeed a crazy roller coaster of unknown entities and direction, yet I’m riding with excitement, stimulation and a huge ‘hell yeah’!

What defines Art and who says?

A very controversial subject but one which I feels is continous and ever evolving in debate. Like art itself, it has no beginning, nor does it have an end. I was discussing the concept of abstract art with my significant other today. I am not an artist. I do not draw and my painting resembles that of a 3 year old. However, I do feel I am perceptive and imaginative to appreciate creativity in its varied form. What I cannot find appreciation in, is art which, to my eye, resembles nothing or is questionable in content and context. I visited a gallery recently, and was amazed to see a green canvas displayed on the wall. Simply green. My significant other would argue that it is conceptual, and the perception is varied. I would debate that it is not unique and is simply a bland colour painted mundanely onto paper. Am I viewing this with a closed mind? Or is art simply created and expected to convey perception, without the form to appreciate? If this is the case, then give me a brush, and I will paint a masterpiece. I do say this tongue in cheek as I know how much work and energy does go into creating a piece. I fully appreciate intricacy, expression and originality. However, I do wish to be inspired and awed by what I view. I can create imagery solely, so a simple blank canvas is not going to further inspire my imagination.


Thus saying, I love art. I love the journey it can create. I thrive on the mindset which it can allure. My questioning mind simply ponders on ‘who defines it’?

If art creates feeling, I’m feeling it. If art creates pondering, hell, I will ponder. If art creates beauty, I will be appreciating. If art gives me nothing, then my reaction will remain aloof.

As with life, I want to be inspired. I want to feel, see, touch, and experience. Is that not what motivates us? Just saying :p

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…

Following the purple road


Louis Honca

Perception is a miracle within our journey. It becomes interlinked with everything we see and do. To visualise the destination, first we must create the paths, and perceive the substance which quantifies our own sheer determination to continue walking.

Sometimes we stumble at hurdles, or question at crossroads. At times we are faced with alternative routes. The depth of our individual perception leads the way.

We become one with our own imaginings, find peace in our thoughtful clarity, and take each step towards the delicious unknown of our own making.

To walk peacefully, is to enjoy the journey, and accept what we cannot control. Ourself lies within the destination. The journey remains part of the energy. Simply life.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…