Visual Dilemma

by Emma



Artist – Louis Honca

Do we live entirely by freewill or are we categorised and sit neatly into psychological boxes? Do we create these boxes ourselves and do we feel fluid within them?….or stuck?
Is the concept more about the diversity of our thoughts? Do they lead us and then frustrate us….or do they inspire us?

Sometimes it can feel like we are carrying a heavy burden when in fact it is our own minds which create it… it can over shadow our vision, our own perception and our free will. Making even one small step on our journey can be hindered.

Our thoughts are intricate as are our desires… we are logical yet remain wishful.
Can dreams overtake realism?
Can we turn our dreams into reality? Interesting question…. but to do this we must think ‘out of the box’…. don’t think it….act on it.
Make them come alive….if you dare…