The pursuit of happiness

by Emma

What provides our clarity and inner peace? What path leads us to our final and craved destination?

What is our pursuit of happiness?
As individuals, we each have a dream which inspires us. A set of goals and delicious thrills which lure us. We base our own expectation and feeling of completeness on our own personal perceptive pot of gold, whether that be materialistic, emotional, or physical. This breeds our individual inspiration and fires our aspiration.

Every step we move forwards, every breath we take, offers us life, and deeper meaning.

This gives ponder to the ideation of riches. The man who spent his life seeking his fortune, to end up alienating others, yet reaching his goal. He became richer in monetary value, yet emotionally he was poor. His pursuit had caused misery. Happiness had passed on by. As he passed others in the street, the shadow cast of his sports car left him feeling lonely. The sound proof windows, and heated interior, did not compensate for a warm embrace and sweeter kisses. As he spent his riches and gave little care to his pounds, he envied the others around him, who held their loved ones close, and stretched their last pound. They remained smiling. He did not.

Yet he had conditioned his dream to pursue this goal. He had perceived it would lead to peace and everlasting tranquillity. Where had he gone wrong?

Maybe the alternative dimension to this thought quandary could be that he lived happily ever after, the love of his ambition soothing him to sleep. Maybe he awoke each morning to delight in his new toys and financial personal gifting. Maybe his own pursuit of happiness had enlightened him and created the success he craved.

The pursuit of our own journey is meaningful only to our own definition.

The journey we walk yearns for fulfillment and calculated clarity. If happiness could be seen, how would we view it? Could we view it? Or is it simply a feeling? Completeness. An emotional and physical psychological phenomenon.

A simple smile every morning and a heartfelt elation every night.


The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…