#Motivation from tallcurvymummas

by Emma

Love is a dangerous game. We roll the dice, always unsure of the number we will get. It is a game of risk, black and white, good or bad.

The highs of love definitely outweigh the deepest lows. A single loving touch can replace the memory of a harsh word or unemotional gesture. Yet, the memories and trauma lingers. Trust is hard once we have tasted betrayal. Belief is harder once we have been let down. Yet we have to continue to believe, to enable fortune and successful bonding.

Unfortunately guys, it takes a special kind of man to break through the walls that us ladies build. Yet once the foundations are completed, the reward is phenomenal.

Love deserves to be cherished.

#StellarCorpse | Wisdom From The Stars


by tallcurvymummas


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